Bodrum was known as Halicarnassus in the old times, is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the southwest Mediterranean coast of Turkey, in the Province of Mugla, featuring its intense nightlife, beautiful beaches with turquoise color, historical sites, white-colored holiday villas with unique architecture and stunning natural panoramic views with the largest resorts on the Aegean coast. Bodrum was known as “the Land of the Eternal Blue” by Homeros. The spectacular medieval castle built by the Knights of the Rhodes guards the entrance to Bodrum’s dazzling blue bay where the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas meet.

Bodrum is worldwide famous, attracting a diverse population of vacationers who stroll along its long palm-lined waterfront as the elegant yachts crowd the marina. The reputation of Bodrum’s boatyards dates back to ancient times, and today, craftsmen still build the traditional yachts. The beautiful Bodrum Peninsula suits holidaymakers interested in a subdued and relaxing atmosphere on their Turkey holidays.

It is conveniently located about 30 minutes drive from the Milas – Bodrum International Airport. Bodrum and Milas are ancient cities with over 300.000 locals living all time. During the holiday season starting from March to November, the population with tourism can reach about 3 million. Bodrum and Milas are about 50 km apart from each other and they offer different kinds of tourist attractions. Bodrum is unique in the sense that there are many well-known beaches as the peninsula suits holidaymakers interested in scenery, history, and arts. One of the seven wonders of the ancient world is named the Halicarnassus Mausoleum attracts those interested in history. On the other hand, Milas is a traditional Anatolian Town with many ruins of old times civilizations in addition to national parks of wildlife and wonders, which can also strong candidate for the eighth wonder of a Mausoleum found to be more than 2400 years old, many different lion hunt scene figures on sarcophaguses in Milas.

Bodrum and Milas region continues to become the most attractive tourist destination with the increasing influx of visitors as it did many thousand years ago as the ancient Greek city of trade named Halicarnassus.

The venue hotel, La Blanche Island Bodrum is conveniently located between Milas and Bodrum. It is about 20 minutes away via local minibusses for daily visits from hotel to city attractions. Most of the tourist attractions are serviced at the hotel. For additional private tours please keep updated on our social program page.

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Bodrum Castle

Halicarnassus Mausoleum